An established, reliable and sustainable reality

Long experience in the leather industry, first as salesmen and then as tanners, makes Tuscan Group’s production an established, reliable and sustainable reality. The foresight of the partners and the passion of the entire team have made it possible to updating tanning techniques to sustainable and ecological standards, continuously renewing the technologies used. Today, the tanned leathers of Tuscan Group are appreciated all over the world, in the fashion and leather goods industry, for their high quality characteristics.


Selected raw materials

The leather processed and tanned by Tuscan Group is always of high quality, checked scrupulously by specialized personnel. This special attention that we devote to each batch of raw material is also a guarantee of high quality for the tanned and finished product, ready to be marketed in Italy and around the world. Thanks to the constancy achieved through experience, we are now a benchmark for leather tanning for the fashion and leather goods industry, we are proud to representing Made in Italy and the Tuscan tradition of tanning in the main world markets.

Leather tanning according to tradition

After selecting the leather for processing, the production and tanning stages begin. These take place according to different methodologies, but always in respect for the Tuscan tradition of this ancient art and with respect for the environment. Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are in fact processes carried out according to strict ecological and sustainable standards. The use of heavy metals and chemical compounds is totally absent to achieve high quality tanned leathers, strength and durability.