Quality in the work of Tuscan Group

The pursuit of quality runs through all the work of Tuscan group, from the search for the raw materials to the final product. Why do we put so much care into our work? Out of respect for the Tuscan tannery tradition, to export the true made in Italy, to give the best to our customers.


The care of tradition and the strength of research

Tuscan Group has always been faithful to the Tuscan tannery tradition, to the respect of the product and its processing. Care and attention that are transformed into unique sensations, capable of engaging all the senses, from smell to sight to touch. The desire to satisfy our customers with quality products stimulates us to research of new tanning techniques, innovative materials and designs capable of standing out for their uniqueness. The projection toward innovation allows us to offer a product of great strength and durability, without sacrificing elegance.

Sustainable and quality tanning

We offer a large sampling of products made by us, transformed from leather raw hides to meet the most special needs of our customers. We fertilize half calves according to very strict standards for sustainability and quality itself, with environmentally conscious processes. Vegetable tanning and chrome tanning are complemented by free metal processing, finishing characterized by the absence of heavy metals and consequently environmentally sustainable. In addition to customized products, designed and processed on the specific requests of our customers, we have items in stock service for prompt delivery.

The uniqueness of tanning made in Italy

We are proud to be the bearers of made in Italy and the art of leather tanning even on foreign markets, from Europe to the Asian market. We have experienced great expansion in recent years, participating in international trade shows in the United States and Asia and forging important partnerships. In fact, leather continues to occupy a prominent place in the world of fashion and design, not only in footwear and clothing, but also in furniture and interior design. We are constantly working with designers, craftsmen and industry professionals and offer reliable and long-term collaborations and partnerships.