Passion is a matter of leather.

Tuscan tanning for leather goods and footwear

The company

The Tuscan art of tanning since 1985

The history of Tuscan Group Srl, although founded in 2006, dates back to 1985 with the business of leather sales. Special attention is always paid to the latest fashion trends in footwear and leather goods.

Over the years the company is transformed, starting the marketing of products of our own production, such as vegetable-tanned half calves, chrome and free metal. Our brand, increasingly appreciated for the quality of products and processing, has expanded beyond the Italian national borders, entering the markets of Europe, the United States and Asia.


Quality and sustainable Tuscan leather

Elegance and style are our beacon in the production of quality leathers, keeping the Tuscan tradition of tanning alive and always seeking new stimuli, new techniques and innovative materials.

We are very environmentally conscious, thanks to vegetable and chrome tanning techniques, as well as special free metal tans. These processes ensure high control of processing, high product quality, durability and strength.

Trade shows

Get a feel for quality

Tanned leather scents and touch perceptions cannot be transmitted except in the presence of the product itself. You can experience all these sensations at our headquarters or by attending the trade shows we have been attending for years all over the world. Here are some of them: